with Alison Cotton

Painting holiday in Kalymnos, Greece.

In Kalymnos this September we will focus on capturing the glorious scenery with a small, portable kit that can be taken anywhere. Alison will share her tips to give you extra confidence with colour mixing and mark-making when painting sea and sky in particular.

She will support you to respond to changing conditions, working quickly and loosely as the sun sets, the clouds move across the sky and the shadows swing round. She aims to help everyone develop their own creative voice, whatever their level of experience.


I’m delighted to be planningĀ a painting holiday on the Greek Island of Kalymnos, teaming up with Liz and Maria at Greek Island Painting Trips.

The course runs from 3-10 October when the temperature should be great for sitting out, and the sea will be warm Can’t wait!

Greek Island painting, Alison Cotton

Greek Island painting, Alison Cotton

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